What are some words to describe a sunset?


Sunsets can be described in either literal or poetic terms with the words focusing on facts such as "the sun is sinking toward the horizon thanks to the Earth's rotation on its axis," or on more artistic and perhaps subjective components, including words such as beautiful, romantic, peaceful and magical. Sunsets can also be described by the colors they paint in the sky, which can be purple, pink, red, yellow or orange. Though sunsets are popular subjects for depiction by painters, photographers and poets, there is a scientific beauty behind sunsets that can lead to an alternative description.

For some people, sunset is a time to reflect on natural beauty and the amazing natural phenomena that characterize life on Earth. For others, sunset is an opportunity to discuss the atmospheric conditions that lead to bright colors painting the sky. Some people may even see the sunset as nothing more than a cue to turn the lights on in their homes. There are many different ways to view a sunset, and there are just as many ways to use words to describe this daily event.

As a subject of art, sunsets can conjure up a variety of different images. In a 1955 poem by John Ciardi, a man uses a seaside sunset as a frame to muse on his life and existence, describing "gulls afire in rays of rose quartz" in the light of the setting sun. The poet is taking artistic license to describe a natural phenomenon in this example.

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Use literary devices, such a symbolism and imagery, to describe the natural beauty, warmth and transitional elements of a sunset. For example, Emily Dickinson examines the wonder
Its as if the colors and intensity of the light is just enough to calm you.
how many words can you use describing a sunset.
romantic soothing serene peaceful content relaxing
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