What are some words to describe your personality?


Describing anyone's personality is a piece of cake once you've found the right words.

So often, it's easy to fall back on the terms 'nice,' 'mean,' 'cool,' and 'ok.' While common in the English language, these words aren't very descriptive. When describing an individual, you'll want to give your reader or listener more than these vague adjectives. Some more useful terms include 'friendly,' 'charismatic,' 'generous,' 'confiding,' 'funny,' 'serene,' and 'energetic.' These could all be considered positive terms, and are more descriptive choices than the ho-hum 'nice.'

By contrast, instead of saying someone is 'mean,' you might say they are 'ill-tempered,' 'selfish,' 'greedy,' 'uncaring,' or 'lazy,' depending on the specifics of their personality.

Other terms that can be used to describe one's personality are 'fickle,' 'shy,' 'outgoing,' 'diligent,' and 'perceptive.'

Remember, these lists are just a jumping off point. Before using them any of them to describe an individual's personality, be sure to look them up in a dictionary so you can be sure you're applying them appropriately.
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