What are some words with double vowels?


Some words that contain double vowels are book, seed, moon, heel and wood. Double vowels most often occur in four or six letter words.

There are more than 200 words that contain double vowels. A double vowel is when the same vowel appears directly before or after itself in a word. Lists of these words are commonly used to teach vowel sounds in children's classrooms.

In words that have two letter O's, the vowels are usually pronounced as one long sound. For example: "moon" is pronounced like "mooon", not "mo-on." The same is true of double letter e's. The word "feel" is pronounced like "feeeel", not "fe-el."

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1. Before we begin this lesson it is important that you review with your student her long and short vowel sounds. Take your index cards and write the following words with short vowel
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