Working Conditions of a Pediatrician?


The working conditions of Pediatricians are pretty tough because they have long working hours. Besides, they are also at a risk of being exposed to communicable diseases. Since Pediatrician have to work with sick children, they need to be very patient.
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Pediatricians work with sick children from birth to about 18 years of age. They usually work in a clinic or an office. the working conditions for pediatricians is very stressful.You
Pediatricians work in offices, clinics, hospitals and universities
Pediatricians deal with child medicine. There are different fields and specialties of pediatric medicine. You will find Pediatricians working in hospitals and clinics.
It is a very stressful specialty. They cannot sit down and relax. They have to deal with screaming uncooperative children and unreasonably demanding parents. They are frequently on-call
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Work Conditions for Pediatricians
All doctors face working conditions that consist of long hours and risk of exposure to communicable disease. However, a pediatrician's work conditions are a bit different because of their unique clientele---children.... More »
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