World Dictators?


A dictator is a person who does not gain power by being elected, but rather by taking over government. A dictator is someone who, in a modern definition, abuses both the people around him or her and also the power with wich comes from being in charge of a large group of people. A dictator will generally not encourage civil elections or civil liberties. Some notable world dictators included Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi along with Kim Jong-il.
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ummm the most powerfull wher mussolini,hitler,napoleon but i wouldnt say great's_grea...
Kim Jong-il of North Korea is considered the worlds worst dictator. !
Strange you should ask a question about something that hasn't even happened in the History
Nicholas II was czar of Russia during World War 1. He was the
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The first dictator recorded in history is Aulus Postumius Albinus of Rome. He was appointed in the fifth century BCE during the Latin revolution. After having ...
You can get the list of the current world dictators at the planetrulers website. There are more than 50 dictators rulers currently. An example is Raul Castro the ...
The world's worst dictators in history include Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler. Some of the other bad dictators include Kim Jong-Il of North Korean. Isaias Afewerki ...
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