What is the world's meanest dog?


There is no official record for the world's meanest dog. But for sheer aggressiveness, English cocker spaniels are found to present more problems to owners than other dog breeds.
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The Akita is a powerfully built dog originally
Rottweilers are said to be the meanest dogs, but it really just depends on how they are raised! Pit Bulls also have a bad reputation for being mean!
Canary Dog by far. It is a typical fighting dog. Fights were staged in rings, or pits in the Canary Islands. This breed was developed specifically for dog fighting. Its ancestry includes
American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Fila Brasileiros are considered to be among the meanest, toughest dogs.
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Despite popular beliefs, the pitbull is not the meanest dog. According to studies, the meanest breed of dogs is the English cocker spaniel.
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