What Are the White Worms in Your Carpet?


There are times that you find some worms in your carpet. This are tiny white worms. This could possibly be carpet beetle larvae, flea larvae or the bristle tails. Get a professional carpet cleaner to handle this effectively.
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Flea larvae, or carpet beetle larvae most likely. Search web for those for picture.
The two prime suspects are bristletails (silverfish/firebrats in the order
They are probably moth larvae or something like that not actually worms. If they are really tiny they might be flea larvae. Heat will kill them so you might try steam cleaning the
Hi Kaitlin; You say they are carpet worms, but you don't explain the color or size. There are worms that are from animals, brought in on the bottoms of shoes and about 20 more varieties
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The worms in your carpet could be carpet beetles, maggots, pin worms, or some other type of worm. Getting rid of these worms can be challenging. Recommended treatments involve thoroughly vacuuming the carpet first. Then, apply a vinegar and water solution to the carpet to kill the worms. Allow the solution to soak in, and then wash the carpet with a cleaning machine. A few days later, treat the area with the vinegar solution and wash a second time to ensure all of the worms have been killed. If that does not work, the carpet and padding underneath may need to be completely removed and replaced.
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