Worst Trucking Companies to Work for?


There are many worst truck companies to work for such as Swift and Prime at the top of the list. Other truck companies include Jim Palmer and Marten Transport.
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From opinions on different trucking companies, it looks like Swift Trucking is
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Most of them are pretty good, but if you're in the Eastern U.S., I recommend Pitt-Ohio, Incorporated. If you're anywhere else, take a look at Swift, J.B. Hunt, UPS Truck Line, Conway
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The worst trucking companies to work for is a simple matter of opinion. Where one employee may enjoy their job immensely, another employee may not think too highly of theirs. Generally, however, there are always employee and customer ratings that can tip the scale of opinions, statistically. In this case, a couple of the companies that are known to have bad reputations include JB Hunt, which is located in Arkansas and reported as a company that does not like to pay drivers weekend layovers, in addition to Warner Enterprises, which is located in Nebraska and reported as a company that has many safety concerns.
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