Wow Cable Channels?


Wow! is a cable, Internet, and telephone provider that services some of the Midwestern and Southern United States. They are a smaller company, but are able to offer HDTV and DVR services just like the larger companies do. The company began servicing Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana in 1996. They have since spread to Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. Wow! offers high speed Internet as well as television services, and they will put together a package that fits their client.
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713 is the CW with WOW cable.
Got to the WOW website they have channel lineups for Chicago City,Chicagoland, Cleveland,Columbus,Evansville & Michigan. Source(s):
there is'nt a teen nick anymore its just nickelodeon.
1. Turn on the TV. 2. Select the “Menu” button on the TV remote provided by the cable company. 3. Select “Settings” or “Parental Controls.” The
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