Where can you find the instructions for a Timex WR 50m watch?


The WR 50m watch is a brand of Timex watch. The instructions should either be in the box with the watch, or they can be found online on various websites. There are no actual instructions on the Timex website. The Timex WR 50 has four buttons, which include set, start/stop, mode, and indiglo. In order to set the time and date, you must use a variety of buttons in a particular sequence. A watch retailer can help as well.
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1. Place the face of your Timex watch onto a table covered with a cotton cloth. This allows you to see the back of the watch and it protects the face of the watch from scratches.
You can download the manual at the related link below.
There seems to be confusion with the 1440 sportswatch between a four button watch and a three button watch. Since i cannot find a manual online, please check the solutions at the
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