What is the value of an 1890 Wyoming quarter?


The 1890 Wyoming quarter is actually a commemoration coin minted in 2007. It Commemorated the Statehood of Wyoming which transpired in July 10, 1890. The highest value at an auction is $403 USD. The lowest is $3 USD.
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It's not from 1890 and it's not from Wyoming. If you look more closely at your quarter (you did wonder how a 120 year old quarter could look so shiny, right? you'll see it has 2 dates
The Wyoming State quarter features the silhouette of a "bucking bronco,"
Ummm.25 cents unless it is from a very early time or when the Wyoming first became a state.
Governor Freudenthal appointed 13 Wyoming historians and other experts to the Wyoming Coinage Advisory Committee to address the state quarter design. The quarter was released in the
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The State Quarter of Wyoming was released on September 3, 2007.
State Quarter of:
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