X Bar Symbol in Word?


You can get this done in more than one ways. One way is to simply copy the symbol from somewhere else and paste it in the Word Doc. Alternatively, you can go to Insert > Symbols > Subset and find the required symbol.
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1. Open a new or existing document Microsoft Word. 2. Click to place the cursor in the spot where you want the x-bar symbol to appear. 3. Press "Ctrl" + "F9. A gray
Try typing x\bar. If that doesn't work: http://izatmalaysia.blogspot.com/2010/01…. ~
If you're using a version of Word from 2007 onwards, you can use the inline equation feature. For x-bar: First, start the equation using Insert Equation. Then type the "x"
If X is the bigger number, then write it like this: X> 0+5.
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How to Make X-Bar Symbol in Word
The x-bar symbol is a stylized lowercase "x" with a flat line above it. In statistics, this symbol represents the mean of a set of numbers. Arrive at a mean by adding together all the numbers in a group and dividing by the number of items in that group.... More »
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The mathematical symbol for Average is ( ) which is pronounced as 'x bar'. Average is a rating or quantity that represents or approximates to an arithmetic mean. ...
In statistics the symbol of an x with a line drawn over it is called 'x bar.' It stands for the mean or average of all values given for x in the data set from ...
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