Yahoo Games Applet Won't Load?


There are a few reasons why applets won't load so one can play Yahoo games. One reason is that JavaScript may not be fully enabled in one's browser. Another reason may be that it is a corrupt install and may just need to be re-installed.
Q&A Related to "Yahoo Games Applet Won't Load?"
You don't mention where you're trying to play these games, but I have the feeling it may be on messenger and if that's the case, you have to have two people on line together in order
1. Visit the Yahoo home page to load Yahoo Games (see Resources below) 2. Log in to your account or click 'Sign Up' to create one. You do not need an account to browse Yahoo Games
Have you tried to click the button that says "click here if the applet fails to load"? If you have done that you may want to consider doing a search for "Java"
Probably because it's fed up with all of this.'t_my_yahoo_mail_...
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