Where can I find my Yamaha dirt bike's VIN?


If you are wondering where you can possibly find the VIN number on your Yamaha dirt bike, it is important to check both the front and bottom side of your bike. Most of the time, it is located at the right side of the head tube but there are times when the VIN may be located elsewhere for other models.
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on the bike i have it was above the front wheel it should be 17 digits long
1. Look at the front steering frame of your Kawasaki dirt bike and find the VIN plate, which should be screwed into the frame just above the front forks. A sample VIN plate is pictured
Many dirt bikes place the Vin number nn the left hand side of the engine, but
http://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport/contactus/home.aspx. Call the costumer relations number.they are very nice and helpful I gave them my vin from my bike an they were able to
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