How to Repair a Yamaha Virago Gas Tank.?


1. Make sure the gas tank is empty. 2. Remove the two screws holding the seat on the frame, pull the seat up and back and lift off the frame - if the tank is an under-the-seat model. 3. Remove the screw at the base of the tank (in older models) and
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Remove the valve cover, you will then see 2 rocker arms with a nut and a square shank. (older models have a 8mm nut newer ones a 10mm) you adjust one valve at a time, by turning the
130 or so before gas lite comes on. Thanks,
32:1 or you can use 40:1
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The Yamaha company has been making golf carts since 1979 when they introduced the G-1 model. This was the first two-stroke powered golf car to have an oil injection ...
To repair a Yamaha Virago Gas Tank, make sure the tank is empty and remove the two screws that hold the seat on the frame on an older model, or remove the screws ...
If not using oil injection, the 115 hp Yamaha outboard will require a 50:1 ratio. ...
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