How to Troubleshoot a Yamaha Virago 1100?


To troubleshoot a Yamaha Vigaro 1100, you should check the whole unit. There is a possibility that you just forgot to load fuel and that is the ultimate reason why it does not want to start. If you have a fuel ,you can probably check the starter, if it's working properly, start checking the compressor and so on and so forth until you find the reason why it's not working.
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1. Find the frame serial number. According to The, the frame serial number is located in two locations - stamped on the right side of the frame while sitting on the motorcycle
89 MPG @ 50-55 mph rural winding (fairly flat, some hills) 89mpg (rider 6'2" 225 lbs) 76 MPG @ 65-75 mpg I-94 Jackson-Dexter MI commute.
The Yamaha Virago 250 has the classic standard cruiser look without the unmanageable
1 Remove the bung to let the oil out to drain. Remember to catch the oil in an oil drip tray (note the green tray in another photo). The bung is located on the left hand side of the
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1. Purchase a pair of new mirrors from or another vendor. Make sure to locate mirrors that are fitted for your motorcycle. The stock mirrors ...
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