Yearly Rainfall in Freshwater Biome?


There are several types of freshwater biomes. There are ponds and lakes, river and streams and wetlands. Limnologists are a type of scientist that study these freshwater biomes. The average rainfall in these areas varies by each location. In some areas, the freshwater biome will only receive approximately seven inches a year. However, the yearly rainfall in other freshwater biomes may reach over a hundred inches per year. Swamp and wetlands also have seasonal flooding. Pantanal is located in South America. It is the largest wetland in the world.
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It depends on which part of the world your in for your answer.
It all depends on where on the globe there is a fresh water biome. average 2-4 cm anually
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The average rainfall in the Freshwater Biomes largely depends on the geographical location. Considering in total, the average rainfall per year is 10-80 inches ...
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