Why do a peace lily's leaves turn yellow?


The leaves of a peace lily can turn yellow if the plant's root system is completely dry. Yellow leaves indicate that the plant is in need of water. Peace lilies should be watered sparingly when the soil is dry to the touch.

These household plants do not require regular watering and grow best when the soil is a little dry, but they do need water in their root systems to survive. Peace lilies are sensitive to chemicals that are found in treated water, and they thrive more easily when water is given toward the bottom of the plant. The leaves of this plant cannot tolerate chlorine and other chemicals.

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Roots are sensitive and, when left to sit in wet soil, diseases such as root rot develop. Root rot causes leaves to droop and yellow. Let up on watering until the surface area is
I have lots of peace lillies in my house and have for 20 years, I've never had one die out. They like soft, reflected light so don't put it in a window where it will get any direct
Your plant looks like it has been kept too wet too long. 1. Cut the yellow leaves off at the base. And do not let the plant go so dry that it shows signs of wilt in between waterings
here are a few things to check, first look at the under sides of the leaves, is their any bugs or fungus on the new growth or old growth? is it under any airconditioning vents? is
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Peace Lilies With Dry Yellow Leaves
The peace lilies, or spathiphyllums, are close relatives of the philodendrons and come from South and Central America. They are grown as houseplants for their glossy, green leaves and upright, white flowers. Peace lilies tolerate low light but are more... More »
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The leaves on a Peace Lilly can turn yellow for many reasons. The Peace Lilly may not have the proper soil, water or temperatures to stay healthy. The yellow leaves ...
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