How can you get the yellow of out gray hair?


There are beauty products available online that will get the yellow out of gray hair. A product called “Soft Sheen Bantu Yellow Out Conditioner� is one such product. It comes in a bottle. The product removes the yellow discoloration that is caused by a wide-variety of hair relaxers. It is to be used after a sodium hydroxide or no-lye relaxer has been administered. The product will leave hair soft and shiny. It was developed for professional hairdressers to use on their clients.
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1. Apply a small amount of blue-tinted shampoo to your hair. Use as much of this special shampoo as you would any normal shampoo. The blue tint in the shampoo neutralizes the yellow
go to a hair dresser and ask them to tone your hair mine did it for around $40 but you can also buy toner in the super market for around $10. you could also use a purple shampoo which
As people get older the pigment cells in our scalp begin to die and aren't
justa wee bit who answered your question is absolutely correct on this..and she's right on the shampoo also....i deal with clients that have this problem in my salon....the purple
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From my knowledge to remove yellow from gray hair you could dye it. Buy some gray dye and mix the dye according to the directions. Apply the dye to your hair and ...
To keep gray hair from yellowing you will need to purchase a shampoo that is made specifically for silver or platinum blond hair. This is usually some sort of ...
To care for gray hair that is yellowing, use an anti-yellowing shampoo. This will bring back your natural color. ...
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