How do you remove stains from the hangers used to store clothes?


Apply soap in food processor, mix grated soap together with washing powder in an airtight container, pour running water into the washing machine as you add 1table spoon of homemade laundry and vinegar soap in the basin, add clothes and let them soak for an hour and beyond. Close the washing machine so as the cycling process begins and completes successfully. When the yellowing stains are removed, dry the garment as you always do but if they still remain do not give up, rub the stain with wet soapy and 1table spoon of laundry brightener to soak.
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1. Grate the bar of soap on the cheese grater. Alternatively, you can run the soap through a food processor. 2. Mix the grated soap with the washing powder and borax in an airtight
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Little Yellow-Shouldered Bat
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