How do you update firmware on YEPP YH-J70?


Download version 2.07 from Unzip the file. Copy the unzipped bin file to the YH-J70. Disconnect from PC. Power on. A message will appear saying that the player is upgrading the firmware (there is an indicator
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Hi, I can give you only description how dismantle your player because I lent my player and I can't make photo for better understanding. I show you few photos which I found now. 1.
Why do you want that one. Because it's 40GB because if you only want one that will fit theres loads. An that is the smallest. The hard drive has to be a 1.8 inch ATA-50 pin interface
An alternative is Toshiba MK30006GAL 1.8" drive (5mm thick, 30GB). See this link for more information on what to watch for:
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