Yoga Lion Pose?


The yoga lion pose is believed to benefit people who stammer, have tonsillitis and other throat problems. In this pose, a person is seated and facial expressions are exercised. The facial expressions resemble a lion. There are many poses that are used in yoga. Each pose is geared at offering a health benefit. It is also suppose to help the mind and spirit of a person. Yoga is derived from Hindu teachings. When you first starting yoga, is best to start with an easy position. Some positions are challenging.
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1. Start in a kneeling position with knees shoulder-width apart. Carefully lower your body and sit on your heels. Spread your knees apart according to your own comfort and see to
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1. Start on the mat in Mountain, or Tadasana. 2. Lift your right foot off the floor and draw it up to the joint of your left hip. You’ll most likely need to grab your ankle
1. Practice the Primary Poses from one of three approaches. You can come to each pose, one at a time or in sets according to traditional Vinyasa discipline. It is also possible to
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