What is the yoga lion pose?


The yoga lion pose is believed to benefit people who stammer, have tonsillitis and other throat problems. In this pose, a person is seated and facial expressions are exercised. The facial expressions resemble a lion. There are many poses that are used in yoga. Each pose is geared at offering a health benefit. It is also suppose to help the mind and spirit of a person. Yoga is derived from Hindu teachings. When you first starting yoga, is best to start with an easy position. Some positions are challenging.
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1. Kneel on your yoga mat with your feet under your bottom., crossed at the ankles so that your feet point out to the sides. Your knees should face forward and rest at shoulder-width
1 Plant your feet securely on the floor before entering the pose. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between the front and back of your feet and across your toes. 2 Keep
1. Place a chair with the back supported against a wall. Sit upright in front of the chair with your legs extended and your back to the seat of the chair. Inhale deeply, lifting through
1. Sit on your mat or directly on the floor and place 1 yoga block on either side of your hips. Place the blocks so that they are low and not tall. 2. Place each hand on each block
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How to Do the Lion Pose in Yoga
The lion pose, or simhasana, **stimulates the muscles of the face and is the rare exercise that engages the platysma**, the long muscle fibers that reach from the jaw to the collarbone. As the name implies, this playful asana -- or hatha yoga posture --... More »
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