What is a yoga posture?


A Yoga posture is the right pose that one assumes when practising yoga. There are more 65 yoga positions that are used during the asana or yoga, the two major poses include sitting of your legs and lifting your arms to fit a comfortable position and the other is sleeping on your back and lifting your legs up to assume the position of letter L.
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1. Perform yoga postures early in the morning when your body is light and clean. Relieve your bowels, brush your teeth and wash your face before starting. Drinking a warm glass of
I learned bhavana to mean intention, becoming, cultivating, even attitude. Setting a bhavana for a practice (for me) is naming a quality on which to focus. It can be anything from
For starters, it depends on what kind of back pain you are experiencing - in what region of the back? (lumbar, thoracic, along the spine, bi-lateral? whether the pain radiates; what
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Yoga: Posture
In yoga, centering your breathing is a great way to practice posture when performing the half moon pose and mountain pose. Learn more about posture and yoga from a professional yoga instructor in this free fitness video.... More »
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To do the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique, you are supposed to assume the thunderbolt posture of yoga and go through a series of breathing patterns. The patterns ...
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