How Long Is Yogurt Good after the Expiration Date?


Yogurt is one of those foods that lasts a fairly long time. The sell by date on the package is a guideline for the store to know when to discard the food by. However, if refrigerated properly the yogurt stays good for 2 or 3 weeks after the sell by date.
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That depends on your definition of good. The yogurt is safe to eat for a long time after the Sell By or Best By date because it does not contain any pathogens (bacteria that make
Yogurt is usually good for a while after the expiration date. How long depends on how well it was refrigerated. Most yogurts and other dairy products are still good for a few days
As long as yogurt is properly refrigerated and it looks, smells and tastes
Stomach cramps can be painful. Developing stomach cramps is one of the first symptoms of a food borne illness, and can result from eating expired yogurt. The stomach has a way of
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Yes, you can eat yogurt if it is past the expiration date. However, you won't want to eat it if it is discolored or has a sour smell. ...
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