How to Whiten Skin?


To whiten your skin you can use some natural methods. Putting a light layer of plain yogurt on your skin can help whiten skin. Sandalwood paste and lemon extract are natural skin whitening solutions.
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There are many possibilities when it comes to whitening skin. If you wish to do it at home you can use lemons or licorice extract. At your dermatologists office they can prescribe
Beauty expert Diane Irons, author of "The World's Best Kept Beauty Secrets: What Really Works in Beauty, Diet & Fashion, suggests making a cream for the skin by combining
1 Take a ripe papaya and cut a medium sized piece out of it. Ad 2 Mash it with the help of the back of a spoon. 3 Add a teaspoon of fresh dairy cream or organic yogurt.
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Lemons, yogurt, tomatoes, and orange peel are all effective in whitening the skin. It is recommended that you try each one separately to determine their effects ...
Skin whitening is most commonly accomplished with lotions or creams. These can be used to turn areas of the skin a lighter color by bleaching the skin or removing ...
There are some people who prefer to take skin whitening skills over topical skin whitening creams. One of the brands that some celebrities endorse as best for ...
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