Youngest Great Grandmother?


The youngest great grandmother every recorded was Australian .She had a child at 14. That daughter then had a child at 13, who had a child at 14. This makes the great grandmother 41 years old.
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Nelson mandelas wife.
There isn't an official record for this. It would be 45 years old i...…. "Some of the records held by Canadians or attempted in Canada include: Youngest great-great-great-grandmother* (3 greats) http
In 1999, a 26 yr old woman from Rotherham became Britain's youngest grandmother when her 12 yr old child gave birth. No records for great grandmother.
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As of December 2012, the world's youngest grandmother is only 23 years old. The woman had at daughter at age 12, who in turn gave birth at the age of 11. ...
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