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When traveling in Spain, you will find that the Spanish road system consists of highways. The highways connect Madrid to Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, Extremadura, West Andalusia, and Galicia. The Spanish tourism is the second largest in the world. It is one of the countryâ€â&dbquo;¢s national industries. Once here, you will need to know how to say you're welcome in Spanish. The translation from English to Spanish is Su bienvenida. Spanish is the official language.
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De nada ('day nah-dah') is Spanish for You're Welcome.
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The Spanish translation for the English word of welcome is recepcion. This is loosely translated to reception because when you welcome someone into your home or place of business
Bienvenido. im not sure but you can say, "Venido adentro, Ven adentro or Venga adentro (more formal) meaning come inside. "hola" - hello. "recepción"
1. Say "de nada" in Spanish when you would say "you're welcome" in English. Pronounced it "day nod-a. 2. Translated literally, "de nada" means &
Hello and welcome is "hola y bienvenidos" in Spanish. If you want to say, "it's a
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To say 'your welcome' in Spanish is 'De Nada'. De Nada translates to 'of nothing', but the equivalent word in Spanish is 'your welcome'. If someone says thank ...
You would say the phrase 'You're welcome' in Spanish as de nada. To say 'thank you' in Spanish, you say gracias. ...
If someone has just thanked you, and you would like to respond with 'you're welcome' in the Spanish language, all you would need to say is 'no hay de que!' ...
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