How Much Is the Currency of One Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang?


The currency of 1 zhongguo renmin yinhang is much less than a dollar. The price of this currency is rising steadily. Right now, as of December 2012 it is equivalent to $.16.
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You could probably search it up. You are asking for the value of 5 People's Republic of China bank.
The phrase literally means 'Chinese National Bank' and
About US $60
The current value of 1.00 Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) is 0.161193 U.S. Dollars (USD) You can convert CYN to USD using a currency converter with live foreign exchange rates. here.
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One Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang, or the Chinese Yuan Renminbi, is equal to 0.16 in American dollars. If you would like to convert the amount of Yuan you have into ...
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