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Zillow is a website. The site offers information on home values, rentals, mortgages, and interest rates.The site also helps with finding a real estate agents, mortgage lenders, property managers, and home improvement professionals. Further, community information is listed such as schools and demographics. Prices paid for sold homes are seen on the site too. Zillow also has advertising areas on the site for people who are interested in marketing their services. For example, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and national advertisers can purchase advertising space.
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1. Navigate to the Zillow website (link in Resources) 2. Type the address, ZIP code or the name of the neighborhood or city in which you are interested in researching home values,
Not very, since the data those values are based on are usually inaccurate themselves. That is why they are called estimates. My house for example has a range of over $500k between
I don't think Zillow publicly discloses this information. However, data of sales are publicly available via a city's assessor, often available online. This data usually also contains
It make absolutely NO sense and is yet another example that demonstrates the inherent flaws of the zestimate algorithm. The algorithm puts undue weighting on the last sold date which
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