Zillow Zestimates?


The Zillow's Zestimate is used to determine what a home is worth. A realtor will use the location, condition of house, and other market options to estimate the market value of a house for sale.
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First, it is exactly that . . . Zillow's estimate of the value of a property. The price is derived from Zillow's proprietary calculation that is constantly being developed. Now
Ruth, I think that they are low because it is only looking at the stats for the area. It doesn't take into account for upgrades/updates or if the property is in a lot better condition
Hi, For the homes to be the same for Zestimate calculation, the homes would also have the same price and tax history. E.G., to the be the same, every home would have had to been purchased
I totally agree with you. So, if their stock performs anywhere close to their Zestimates, then it will be all over the place. But there is value in the comparable sales they list.
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Zillow's Zestimate provides an estimated value for a piece of property. This is a proprietary system that uses many factors such as the neighborhood and size of the property to come up with a valuation.
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