How do you load .CHT files for the Znes emulator?


Znes emulator is a computer program developed using x86 format, which enables the duplication of different computer systems. The znes emulator works on the following platforms; linux, mac OS and windows. When loading .CHT files for the Znes emulator; you first unzip your cht file. You then can configure by clicking on 'config'. When you are done, click on 'Cheat' button after which you click on 'Add Code'. Finally, press the 'Load' button to load the cheat file.
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I presume you mean zsnes rather than znes (that may explain why you may be having difficulty) To install you need an internet connection: - Option 1 If using Unity the just enter
because it's a hacked game.
Go into video settings and pick the highest resolution your monitor can use and make sure it says ds f beside it. Then click filters and chec HQ and HQ mode 7 and also Triple buffering
Personally I dont completely believe you about owning the cartridges (all of them) anyway, theres an option to "load cheat file" in the popup you get when ou open the cheat
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