How it works? Zumba Fitness for Wii.?


Type. : Exergame. Platform. : Nintendo Wii. Equipment Included. : Zumba belt. Price. : $39.99. Fitness Level. : Beg, Int, Adv. Fitness Challenge. : 6/10. Zumba. is one of the hottest fitness trends today, combining Latin music and a variety of dance
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When you put the Wii remote into the belt, make sure the power button on the remote is on TOP. If you put it in upside down it won't register your moves correctly. Source(s) http:
The following songs are in the Zumba Fitness game for the Wii. Don't Stop,
1. Strap the provided Zumba fitness belt to your waist. Attach a Wiimote to the fitness belt. The Wiimote registers your hip and body movement, which is how you are scored. 2. Perform
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Zumba is a fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto 'Peto' Perez in the 1990s. It a Latin-inspired dance it involves dance and aerobics elements ...
Zumba Fitness is a dance fitness program, and it was created by Alberto “Betoà ...
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