How can you make a model of the solar system?


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To make a model of the solar system, hang circles representing the planets from a larger circle of cardboard. By varying the length of the string and hanging the cardboard planets in orbital circles, the model is even more precise.

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Only a few supplies are necessary to make a model of the solar system. Gather heavy pieces of cardboard, string or twine, a compass to make circles, scissors and crayons or markers.

Step 1: Cut circles out of the cardboard

Use a large circle from which to hang the smaller cardboard planets. A circular piece from a frozen pizza works well. Cut eight smaller circles from the cardboard to represent the planets. Cut a larger circle to represent the sun. Decorate them as desired with crayons or markers.

Step 2: Draw the orbital circles

Using the compass, draw orbital circles on the large circular piece of cardboard. There are four orbits close to the middle, where the sun hangs. Then there is a space that represents the asteroid belt, followed by the remaining four. Punch a hole in the middle, then one hole on each of the orbital circles.

Step 3: Hang the planets

Tie a knot in one end of a piece of string and thread through each hole from step two. Use a piece of tape to attach the sun (in the middle) and planets from the end of each of the strings.

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