What did Isaac Newton invent?


Isaac Newton created several theories and laws that explain how movement and gravity work. His three most prominent theories are often referred to as Newton's laws or simply as the laws of motion. These laws all involve the effects of gravity and force on motion. These theories were published in a book titled "Principia" in 1687.

The first law of motion states that a force remains uniform until an external force is applied to it. The second law of motion describes the relationship between an object's mass, acceleration and applied force. This law is expressed in the mathematical equation F = ma. The third law of motion explains how every action is followed by an equal and opposite action.

Newton also described the universal law of gravity. This theory explains how all particles exert varying amounts of gravitational force, and how gravity controls the movement of all particles. Another Newtonian theory is the theory of cooling. This theory explains how the rate of cooling can be determined by the difference between internal temperature and the temperature of the object's environment. In addition to theories, Newton invented a way to make the telescope clearer and more efficient by adding reflecting mirrors to it.

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