How is a star born?


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A star is born through the combination of interstellar particles from clouds of dust and gas. The birth of a star requires a disturbance, such as the movement of a comet through the particles, to start the formation.

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The nebulae of dust and gas particles remain inactive for several years until something happens that causes the gas and dust to be disturbed. As the force of the disturbance moves through the cloud, the particles start to collide and create clumps. The individual clumps gain more mass, which increases their gravitational pull, which attracts even more particles from the original cloud. As more matter is added to the clump, the center of it becomes hotter and denser. Through millions of years, the clump grows into a small, dense body known as a protostar. As a protostar, the clump continues to draw in even more gas and get even hotter.

The process of the protostar increasing in temperature and growing larger continues until the star gets so hot that hydrogen atoms start to fuse, which creates helium and energy. After millions of years, a sudden bipolar flow erupts from the protostar, and it blasts away all of the remaining dust and gas.

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