What is the size of a long jump pit?


IAAF — International Association of Athletics Federations — standards dictate that a long jump landing pit should be nine meters long and 2.75 meters wide. Although, this is mandatory for international athletic clubs and athletes, it is not for all institutions and facilities.

The minimum length of the runway should be 40 meters and the width should be 1.22 meters +/-0.01. The line used to mark the runway should be five centimeters wide. If broken lines are used, they should each be 10 centimeters long and half a meter apart. The IAAF standards help provide a layout similar to most tracks that professional athletes are likely to come across.

The long jump and triple jump are usually competed on the same runway in most facilities, utilizing a single sand pit. The only difference is where the takeoff board is positioned. In the long jump, the takeoff board is placed in a similar position for both men and women; but in different positions in the triple jump. In the women's triple jump, the takeoff board is 11 meters behind the landing pit. For men, the distance is 13 meters. In the long jump, the takeoff board should be one meter behind the pit. The sand used to fill the landing pit should either be washed river or pure quartz sand, to avoid hardening when wet.

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