How can I convert a QRP file to a DOC file?


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Use SmartQRP to view the QRP file and to export it to a PDF format. Afterward, open the PDF file in Microsoft Word, and save it as a DOC file. You need a Windows-based computer, SmartQRP and a QRP file to get started.

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  1. Install SmartQRP

    Go to the CNET website, and download SmartQRP. Double-click the EXE file to run the installer. Choose custom installation to prevent installing any third-party applications. Launch SmartQRP when done.

  2. Import the QRP file

    Click Open in SmartQRP, and browse for your QRP file. Click Open to import the file into the program. Click Save, and select PDF as the format. Save the file to your preferred folder.

  3. Open Microsoft Word

    Open Microsoft Word, and click File. Select Open, and browse for the PDF file. Open the file, and view it in Word. Make any edits to fit the content on the pages.

  4. Convert to DOC format

    Click File, and select Save As. Type a name for the file, and select DOC as the save format. Click Save.

  5. Open the DOC

    Close and reopen Word. Click File, and select Open. Navigate to the newly created DOC file. Click Open. View the converted file in its new DOC format.

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