How can I tell who is looking at my Facebook page?


It is not possible to tell is looking at your Facebook page, according to both Yahoo! News and Fast Company. Any program or application that claims to show who is looking at your Facebook page is a scam and should not be downloaded. Although Facebook does record this data, they do not share it with the public.

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The people Facebook regularly displays under the "Friends" section of your profile are commonly thought to be the users who are looking at you the most frequently, but this is a misconception. The friends who appear frequently on your profile page are actually determined by other factors, including comments, wall posts and jointly attended events. The users that pop up under your search bar after only a few letters have been typed are indeed the people whose profiles you view the most frequently, but these users have no knowledge of who is viewing their own profiles. Essentially, you are the only user with access to information about the profiles you look at, and the same is true for all other Facebook users. It is possible to look at a detailed list of your search history on Facebook, including who you have searched for, by clicking on the "Activity Log" button on your profile and then selecting the "Search" category on the left hand side of the page.

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