My computer screen is upside-down; how do I fix it?


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To fix an upside-down computer screen, rotate it by pressing Ctrl, Alt and the up arrow key. Disable the rotating function to prevent the problem in the future.

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  1. Press Ctrl

    Hold down the Control button. There are two Ctrl keys, typically located at the bottom corners of the main section of the keyboard.

  2. Press Alt

    Hold down the Alt key. There are two Alt keys, located on either side of the space bar.

  3. Press the up arrow

    Press the up arrow key. This restores the screen to its normal display settings. Press the left and right arrows to rotate the screen 90 degrees in either direction. Pressing the down arrow flips the screen upside-down.

  4. Disable the rotation function

    To prevent this problem from occurring again, disable the rotation function. For a Windows computer, right-click on the desktop. In the shortcut menu that appears, select the name of your graphics card's management tool. Common graphics card management tools include NVIDIA Control Panel or ATI Catalyst Control Center. In the graphics window, click on the "Display Settings" tab. It may also be labeled "Hot Keys." Uncheck the box next to the Enable Screen Rotation option, and click "OK" to save your settings.

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