How do you create a Yahoo! account?


To create a Yahoo! Account, a user should visit the Yahoo! homepage and click on the Sign In button. This takes the user to the login page for Yahoo! Accounts, which also includes a button that says "Sign Up." This button takes the user to a registration page to help create a Yahoo! account.

After clicking on the Sign Up button to go to the Yahoo! registration page, users need to provide some personal information, including first and last name, date of birth, gender and mobile phone number. It also requires users to come up with a Yahoo! username, which is used for the Yahoo! email account. Additionally, users can provide a second optional phone number that can be used to recover the account if any of the other contact information becomes inaccessible. Once it is filled out, the user should click the Create Account button at the bottom of the registration page. Clicking this button also means that user automatically agree to the Yahoo! terms of service and privacy agreement.

Alternatively, users can sign up for a Yahoo! account if they have a Google or Facebook account. The Yahoo! sign in page includes links to connect Google or Facebook accounts to Yahoo!, which allows users to easily switch back and forth between social networks. To sign up with those, users need to enter their Google or Facebook information into the box that pops up for each link.

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