What are examples of database management systems?


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Examples of database management systems, or DBMS, are MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle and DB2. A DBMS, also called a database manager, is a computer program that allows one or several users to execute database functions such as storing, retrieving, deleting and modifying data.

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A DBMS is data-handling software that is used to run queries on data. It manages user requests and sorts incoming data. Stored data can easily be retrieved, deleted or modified by a DBMS user or other computer programs. A database manager simplifies the tasks of users by eliminating the need to understand the physical location of the data in a storage media within a multiuser system. It also maintains data integrity by ensuring that the data stored in the database is continuously accessible and organized in the correct manner. A DBMS only allows access to the database to users with certain privileges, hence, security is not compromised by those who are unauthorized.

The most common type of DBMS is a relational DBMS. A user interfaces with the DBMS through the Structured Query Language, or SQL. Another type is called the object-oriented database management system, or ODBMS.

Most database management systems are inclusive of a database product. Microsoft manufactures Microsoft Access, Oracle and MySQL are developed by Oracle and DB2 is owned by IBM.

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