What is a LAN port used for?


A LAN port is used to provide a wired connection to a local area network (LAN). An Ethernet cable is plugged into the LAN port to connect the computer to the network.

On the other end, the Ethernet cable is plugged into a switch that is in turn connected to a router. When a successful connection is made to the LAN port, it produces two blinking lights. Other common terms used for the LAN port are network port and Ethernet port. The ports are common in laptops, routers, switches and modern television sets.

There are various benefits of using LAN ports. They provide very fast Internet connectivity compared to outdated telephones lines. In addition, they are secure and reliable. This allows sharing of files among different branches of an organization.

The major disadvantage of using LAN ports is lack of flexibility. A user has to be tethered to a spot where the LAN cable can reach, since it must be plugged into a switch on the other end. It may also require some wiring when setting a wired local area network. This is unlike wireless networks, where a built-in wireless network adapter is used, thus providing flexibility and reducing the amount of cabling required.

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