How to send a direct message on Twitter using a phone?


Users can send direct messages on Twitter using the messaging function found in official or third-party Twitter apps installed on their phones. Direct messages can only be sent to other Twitter users who follow the sender.

By default, followers of any user can read all messages posted on Twitter. Direct messages provide a greater degree of privacy, allowing only the receiver and sender to read the message. The official Twitter app for iOS and Android allows users to send direct messages from their phones, as do some third-party apps.

Step 1: Access the "Messages" timeline

Tap the envelope icon in the Twitter app. The app will move to the "Messages" timeline.

Step 2: Create and send the message

Use the new message icon, a speech bubble with a plus sign at one corner, to start a new message. Enter the username of the recipient in the address box. Enter the message and add any photos using the picture icon. Click "Send" to finish.


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