How do I set the clock on my Pioneer CD player?


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To set the clock on a Pioneer CD player, press and hold the Source button twice to shut the unit off and make the clock appear before using the arrow buttons to adjust the time. Use the Function and Audio buttons together if the Source button does not work.

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  1. Access the clock setting feature

    Press and hold your CD player's Source button, and wait for the unit to power off. Press and hold the Source button again, and wait for the clock to appear on the display.

  2. Set the clock

    Use the left and right arrow buttons to switch between the minute and hour units. Use the Up arrow button to increase the numbers. Use the Down arrow button to decrease the numbers. Highlight the minute unit, and increase or decrease the number until the correct time displays. Use the correct arrow button to switch over to the hour unit. Increase or decrease the number until the correct hour displays on the clock.

  3. Save the time

    Press the Source button once to save the time. If the steps fail, go to Pioneer Electronics website, and navigate to the CD/DVD/Media Players section from the DJ section. Find your specific model, and download the manual for it.

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