How do you set Philips CL019 universal remote codes?


To set the Philips CL019 universal remote control, you must first access the four-digit programming code. Enter the code to sync your remote to the device you want to control.

  1. Find the four-digit code

    Consult your Philips user manual to locate the four-digit code that matches the manufacturer of the device you want to control. If you no longer have the manual, you can visit the Philips website to locate the code.

  2. Turn on the device you want to control

    Power on the device you want to control with your remote control. Philips remotes can be programmed to control televisions, DVD players, CD players and cable boxes.

  3. Prepare the remote

    Press the Setup button. Hold it down until the red light indicator lights up. Then press and hold down the device button. Press and hold down the TV button if you are trying to set your remote for your television. The red light indicator flashes again.

  4. Enter the four-digit code

    Using the keypad, enter the four-digit code that you previously located. Press some buttons on the remote to ensure that the remote is properly set to control your device. If you want to set your remote to control additional devices, complete the process again.

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