How does Twitter work?


On Twitter, users post 140-character messages, known as "tweets," which can be read by other Twitter users. By following a Twitter user, a person can subscribe to another user's tweets, receiving them all as a display on their Twitter feed. Additionally, a person can retweet another user's tweets, re-posting the original message. A person can also reply to someone's tweet on Twitter and turn the communication into a conversation.

Twitter is a micro-blogging website where information is spread through tweets. It was created by a 10-member team in a company called "Obvious Corporation," which was co-founded by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, with Jack Dorsey, who expanded Twitter's uses, joining soon after.

To start using Twitter, a person needs to create a free Twitter account. New Twitter users must familiarize themselves with Twitter concepts, such as tweets, followers, trending topics and retweets, to start using Twitter. A Twitter user can follow a person or organization to get the latest information and can post his own messages for other users to read. Users can also post images or links to six-second video clips on twitter. Many users prefer to use Twitter on their mobile phones because Twitter messages are similar in form to mobile text messages.

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