What causes car squealing?


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Car squealing noises come from different parts of the car. The noises can come from the belts, the brakes, the hoses or even the tires.

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Usually these squealing noises from under the hood occur when belts are slipping. During acceleration, a loud squeal could be caused by worn-out fan belts that need to be replaced. Likewise, when the fan belts are worn out, it follows that the timing belts need to be replaced as well. Replacement of both the fan belts and timing belts at the same time is more cost effective.

If the noise comes from the tires, even when driving on a smooth road, it can mean that something is wrong with the tire's air pressure. It can be too low or uneven. Another reason could be that the tires are not properly aligned, causing a bumpier ride as well as poor gas mileage and, in the long run, a shorter tire lifespan.

Brakes also makes loud squealing noises when they are worn out and need replacement. This is one of the most important repairs that cannot be put off in the car maintenance activities because the brakes are a key safety feature of a car.

Leaks from cracked or loose hoses can cause squealing noises. These also need immediate repair. Lastly, low power steering fluid levels can cause squealing noises. A full tune-up service for a car can check all the fluids in the car and replenish any that are running low.

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