How do you change the thermostat in a Ford Explorer?


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Replacing the thermostat on a Ford Explorer requires draining the coolant from the cooling system, disconnecting the upper radiator hose and removing the housing. Thermostat replacement is a low-skill maintenance procedure that can prevent the Ford Explorer from overheating, which can cause damage to the engine.

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The thermostat operates inside of the cooling system. When heat builds up to a certain temperature, the thermostat opens and releases the coolant into the engine. This allows the engine to quickly and efficiently warm up.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. As a safety precaution, disconnect the battery from the vehicle. This prevents accidental shocks from occurring through the SUV's electrical components.

  3. Drain the cooling system
  4. The thermostat is located inside the cooling system. Drain the coolant from the vehicle.

  5. Locate the upper radiator hose
  6. The upper radiator hose flows directly to the thermostat housing. Once it is located, unplug the hose.

  7. Unbolt the housing
  8. Loosen the bolts on the thermostat housing and remove it. Doing so will reveal the thermostat.

  9. Replace thermostat
  10. Replace the old thermostat. Before installing the new unit, place an o-ring onto the thermostat housing. Torque down the housing bolts to 89 inch lbs and reinstall the upper radiator hose.

  11. Refill coolant
  12. Refill the coolant into the radiator and bleed the cooling system until there are no more air pockets.

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