What does code P0441 indicate?


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Code P0441 is a vehicle diagnostic trouble code associated with a vehicle's evaporative emission control system. When a vehicle has a code P0441, it is an indication that the evaporative emission control system's purge function is not operating properly.

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What does code P0441 indicate?
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Code P0441 is a standard code under the on-board diagnostic parameter ID (OBD-II PID) system, a diagnostic reporting system required in most passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. since 1996. When a vehicle's on-board computer identifies a problem, it logs the appropriate OBD-II PID code and illuminates the check engine light. To retrieve this code, an automotive technician connects a scanning device to the vehicles OBD-II connector.

The evaporative emission control system collects fuel vapors from a vehicle's fuel system. When the engine is running, the collected fuel vapors are purged into the engine to be burned rather than released into the atmosphere.

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