What does an "SRS" airbag stand for?


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The abbreviation "SRS" stands for "supplemental restraint system," which describes the entire airbag system in a vehicle. Airbags work as a supplement to seatbelts to save lives during an accident. The SRS includes sensors, airbags, control units and a warning light.

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SRS designs include front airbags for the driver and passenger, side curtain airbags near doors, and restraints contained in front seats that deploy for rear-seat passengers. Some systems feature airbags in rear windows to protect against rear-end crashes.

Every time a vehicle's SRS system is turned on, a light on the dashboard blinks for approximately 6 seconds as the car's onboard computer tests the inflatable restraints. If the light remains on after the test, that means the computer detected some kind of problem with the SRS.

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